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Whether you need simple repairs or alterations, our expert tailoring services will help you get the perfect fit. Whether your closet favorites have torn seams, broken zippers, hemlines that need to go up (or down) or waistbands that no longer fit, don't throw them out - repair, resize or restyle them - it's the green thing to do!


We offer a delivery service to some commercial businesses. Please contact our Kansas City, MO location to learn more and to see if your business qualifies for delivery. (816) 942-3240.


We can clean and revitalize all of the fabrics in your life - decorative pillows, duvets and comforters, drapes, linens, rugs, just about anything!


You have a 24-7 lifestyle. Why should you have to wait for your dry cleaning? If you drop off your clothes by 9 a.m., we can have them ready to wear by 4 p.m. the very same day. Your clothes will be cleaned and pressed with the same quality and attention to detail, on your schedule. Available at our State Line location ONLY.


Trust us to give meticulous attention to the inspection, stain removal, cleaning, finishing and preservation needs of your wedding gown. Our cleaning process includes a special step to ensure "invisible stains" containing sugar, salt or citrus acid that can dry clear are removed as well. At your request we will professionally press and package your cherished memories in special acid-free materials to ensure your gown is preserved for generations to come. Once you get it home, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place to avoid heat and dampness in order to prevent yellowing and mildew.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We take pride in producing beautiful shirts - impeccably clean, crisp and perfectly pressed, so your shirts will always look their best and so will you. Choose from no starch, light starch, medium starch and heavy starch.


Protect your investments in fine quality leathers, suede and fur with our professional cleaning services. From cleaning to dye and finish restoration to repairs of rips, tears, and replacement of linings, we can help you care for and extend the life of your most prized possessions.


Every garment you bring in receives personal care and attention throughtout our multi-step process. We inspect each garment for stains, damage, missing or broken buttons and special instructions from our customers to ensure proper preparation and cleaning. Your garment will not only be throughly clean, but will look as good or better than the last time you wore it. Once inspected one last time, it is then packaged carefully to avoid wrinkling in transport back to your home.

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